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Twenty three year old procrastinating dreamer. Obsessed with film, television, disney, travel, british boys and pop culture. Personal blog all over the place, because I like way too many things.

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"It’s funny, when I think about this exact time last year. Things were so different. I never would have thought that things could change so much in only a year. I wonder what next October will be like."

Daily Tumblr Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)



"I like it when it rains hard. It sounds like white noise everywhere, which is like silence but not empty."

Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (via creatingaquietmind)




taylorswift my boyfriend loves you because you sung about dragons once

Oh god this is so cute.

Relationship goals.


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Modern Baseball - Your Graduation  (new song off of their upcoming record “You’re Gonna Miss It All” due out February 11th via Run For Cover Records)